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Dudette: This industry is very incestuous.

Dude One: True, everyone does seem to have slept with everyone else.

Dude Two: I haven’t…

Dude One: That’s because you have a girlfriend.

Dude Two: Maybe I should break up with her!

Dudette: Nooooo…

Dude Two: Just for a year, have some fun and get me some, then back to her! Time to spread the social media seed…

Dude One: You’re an idiot.

Dude Two: 2010, the year of Twitter Tail, baby!

Wish Tumblr had that button

Bar Guy 1: "They want me to make a viral video. I tried to tell them you make the video, you can’t make it go viral."

Bar Guy 2: “Yeah you can. Just click the ‘Go Viral’ button when you upload to YouTube.”

Bar Guy 1: “Ah, OK, is that like the ‘Make People Retweet Me’ option on Twitter?”

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